Poem Perseverance

Poem Perseverance



Efforts of purpose resolute and unvarying
Moving along the pathway of outcome
Unremitting to the goal intended
No consideration of straying

Determined through the delays and frustrations
Inspiration fuels the course
Stumbling occasionally in pursuit
...on target nonetheless

Through the storms, and merciless encounters
...a mind in focus and a heart beats still
Covered grounds conquered with insistence
No way I shall be turning back

Too much to lose is at stake
Surrender is not my forte
In it to the finish, I am
...from the beginning, that was the plan

Triumph and accomplishment wait
...inside perseverance's gate
The elation of the proverbial light
...It's something worth experiencing again and again




©2003,2004-2021 Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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