Bahamas Prime Minister Chooses New Senator

PM Chooses New Senator




Prime Minister Perry Christie says he has chosen a new senator to replace Edison Key, who resigned from the upper chamber months ago, criticizing the nation's leader for "poor leadership" and "lack of direction."


Mr. Christie made the revelation while a guest on the Radio Love 97 Programme "Jones and Company" Sunday, on a day when the party observed the second anniversary since winning the government in 1992.


But the prime minister did not reveal his choice to fill the seat left vacant in the upper chamber.


"I've made a decision on it," said Mr. Christie, who was responding to a question asked by the show's host, Wendall Jones.  "I can assure you…the announcement will come shortly."


Mr. Key said he resigned on January 10, but the prime minister said he did not become aware of the so-called resignation until he received Mr. Key's letter more than five weeks later after the Journal made public the Abaco senator's surprising move.


Mr. Christie said he did not rush to replace Mr. Key because the former senator's absence from the senate did not create any disruptions or interruptions.


"I have the luxury of also deciding whether or not I make another major decision which will impact the development of this country with respect to the senate as well," he said, although not going into further details.


The senate has met several times since Mr. Key's resignation, dealing with several key pieces of proposed legislation.


When he spoke with the Journal in mid February about his resignation, Mr. Key said he thought the senate was useless. But a number of his former colleagues have disagreed with him.


Opposition senators, meanwhile, including Free National Movement Leader Tommy Turnquest, have criticized Mr. Christie's delay in appointing a senator.

Mr. Turnquest said the delay was indicative of the way the Christie Administration operates.


On Sunday, Mr. Christie said, "Please forgive me. I take full responsibility for the delay."


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